Complete Sales, Service and Installation of CCTV & Security in San Luis


For over 10 years, San Luis Locksmith has specialized in protecting homes and businesses in the Valley from burglary, intrusion, fire and other security and entry threats by providing best in class video surveillance, access control fire alarm systems, security control, CCTV, Digital and mobile monitoring and more.

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of keeping both your home and business safe. We provide exceptional security and CCTV installations, maintenance and equipment to the homes and businesses in San Luis and throughout Yuma County.

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We work with some of the top security companies in the industry meaning our clients are always getting the highest quality of products matched with the best CCTV installation service in Yuma County. Every client that we work with is just as important as the last one that we served. – And our many years of dedication to the communities of Yuma continue to prove our integrity and professionalism to our clients. Why choose us today? Because we are the full-service CCTV Installation, Sales, and service company that cares about your safety.

Leading Yuma In High Quality – High Tech CCTV Installation

  • IP CCTV and Security Cameras
  • Infrared & Night Vision Cameras
  • Remote & Mobile Monitoring Systems
  • DVR Recording and Storage
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • 360 Degree CCTV Cameras
  • Motorized CCTV & Security Cameras
  • Indoor & Outdoor Weather Proof Cameras
  • Commercial Grade Damage Resistance Cameras

San Luis Locksmith and our team of highly trained installation pros are standing by, Give us a call at (928) 366-5133 to schedule your CCTV installation or a free estimate.